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Wincham Supply for only £3000 + VAT (£3600).
The formation of a new UK Limited Company formed by our UK Subsidiary, Wincham Accountants Limited, with the shares issued to you and appointment of yourself as Director.

Wincham will provide the on-going UK Registered Office and Company Secretary in the UK to include the annual filing fee at Companies House. This cost will be included within the Wincham £3000 + VAT fee for the first 12 months and then renewed annually on our published terms below. This will ensure the longevity of the company and the security of the property.

Wincham will arrange for all necessary documents including the Memorandum & Articles of Association and Certificate of Good Standing for the Company to be translated into Spanish, Notarised and Apostilled by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

The Wincham Spanish Head Office & Legal Team will obtain a CIF number from the Spanish Tax Office (Hacienda) for the UK Company, this includes a Power of Attorney from the Company authorising Wincham to act as Fiscal Representative on behalf of the Company in Spain.

Once the UK Company is all set-up and ready for Spain with yourself as Director and Shareholder we shall courier all UK Company documents to your Lawyer for their purchase on your behalf.

Annual Costs
Within the Wincham Fee of £3000 + VAT for the first 12 months from a Clients instruction and selection of a UK Limited Company are the provision of the Wincham UK Registered Office and Company Secretarial services that include the Company annual return and filing fee at Companies House. This is chargeable every 12 months after the instruction date at £200 + VAT per annum.

The preparing, filing & submission of the Company's Annual UK Accounts is £400 + VAT for an Investment Company. This Company has investment assets and may also have income or expenditure. (The fee of £400 + VAT is on the basis that the Cash Books provided on our www.wincham.com website & Client On-Line Access are maintained by the owner, a higher charge may be incurred if limited information is supplied or Cash Books are not updated by the owner.) The UK Company accounts are normally due 12 months (annually) from when the UK Company was formed and the fee is not included in the Wincham fees so is payable separately.

Any Company that operates in Spain requires a Fiscal Representative which is an approved Spanish Accountancy / Taxation firm dealing with the Spanish Tax Office (Hacienda). The Wincham Spanish Head Office supplies this service for the Spanish Tax year January 1st to December 31st. Within the Wincham UK Company fees this service is included for the UK Company until 31st December during the first year of instruction. It is then chargeable each year at a annual fee of £150 + VAT and includes the submission of a single Tax Declaration (Return) in Spain each year. Once the Spanish property is owned by a UK Company there is no requirement for the Non Resident owners to submit personal non Resident Tax Returns in Spain each year as they do not own the property directly but own the UK Company that owns the Spanish property.


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